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competitive salesforce market will get more competitive

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In recent years, Salesforce market is oversaturated with newcomers. There are several reasons for this outcome; Salesforce, Salesforce bootcamps, and Salesforce influencers.

  • salesforce's interest:
  • More newcomers mean more Salesforce professionals, which results in a lower average salary for these professionals. Consequently, this creates more incentive for companies to utilize Salesforce and its consulting services to hire additional consultants.

    If I may be so bold as to critique Salesforce, this reason would be at the top. They run many aggressive campaigns to attract professionals to their ecosystem. The main idea behind these campaigns is that "anyone can become a Salesforce admin or developer," which is misleading because it's not true.

    Not everyone can become a Salesforce professional, despite what some bootcamps or influencers may claim. In the current market, this assertion is simply false. While there was a time when accidental admins were common, these being super users who gradually assumed administrative tasks over time, that's no longer the case.

  • salesforce bootcamps' interest:
  • The short answer boils down to money, while the long answer reveals that they're selling a dream. Many of these bootcamps follow a generic structure that has little relevance to the main Sales or Service cloud functionalities. They often lack real-life scenarios because either the instructors have never worked in an active, mature organization, or too much time has passed since they did.

    Let's face it, teaching genuinely useful knowledge applicable in real-life scenarios requires dedicated attention, something that's challenging to provide when dealing with more than a hundred students. Individual feedback becomes elusive, leaving students to fend for themselves in terms of upskilling. Essentially, what the bootcamp provides is the environment and a certificate, with the onus largely placed on the students to self-improve.

  • salesforce influencers' interest:
  • Their private course is often generic. There are numerous Salesforce courses out there with similar content.

current salesforce market:

The Salesforce market resembles a pyramid structure at present. The entry level is oversaturated, but there's a scarcity of experienced and competent Salesforce professionals at the top tiers of the pyramid. This scarcity indicates numerous opportunities awaiting skilled individuals.

future salesforce market:

The current situation isn't permanent, as entry-level professionals are gaining experience and knowledge with each passing day. Gradually, they will saturate the upper levels of the pyramid. This shift is inevitable over time.

what to do?

It's vital to continuously upskill and improve oneself because the market is expected to become increasingly competitive in the future.

what sets me apart?

I've decided not to create an online course, whether on Flow or APEX. There's already an abundance of courses available, and I see no value in duplicating what's already out there. I aim for my courses to make a significant impact on fewer people, rather than having a minor impact on a larger number of individuals.

I believe that real-life scenarios cannot be effectively taught through online courses alone. They require extensive time, discussion, and brainstorming, which are best facilitated in one-on-one settings. Additionally, sharing knowledge on challenging topics solely through recorded videos is inadequate because these subjects are difficult to grasp initially and require interaction for clarification.

Instead, I offer a mentee program I recruit mentees for a two-month period to assist them in finding a job and making a tangible impact on the ecosystem.

I also provide services listed here for Salesforce professionals who already have a job.