what great people that I've worked with said about me

Benedict Siemons Photo

Bariskan's prowess as a Salesforce Admin Team Lead is truly exceptional, impressing me time and again with his swift grasp of complex business challenges and his ability to swiftly implement effective solutions. His innate understanding of our operations coupled with his strategic approach to problem-solving has significantly streamlined our processes, elevating our efficiency and productivity to new heights.

What truly sets Bariskan apart is his unwavering commitment to excellence and his remarkable capacity to execute solutions with unparalleled speed, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Bariskan's contributions are invaluable, and I have no hesitation in recommending him for his outstanding performance and dedication.

"Benedict Siemons, VP Operations at Enpal B.V."

Nick Nourinik Photo

Bariskan has demonstrated exceptional engineering skills within the Salesforce domain. During the brief period I had the opportunity to collaborate with him, I observed a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to resolving issues efficiently and proposing effective solutions. He remains receptive to diverse ideas and consistently evaluates solutions based on available data. Baris exemplifies leadership by setting a positive example, and he adeptly adjusts his communication style to suit his audience. In short he is one of the few people that is not only a good resource but a great engineer that pushes business to the next level.

"Nick Nourinik, Director Software Engineering at Enpal B.V."

Usman Shahid Photo

Baris epitomizes excellence in engineering within the Salesforce domain. In my collaboration with him, his self-driven nature and proactive stance towards new projects were evident. He engages in lively discussions, consistently contributing innovative solutions while actively seeking personal growth in coding and problem-solving. Baris's leadership shines through his exemplary communication and adaptability. His commitment to improvement, coupled with his ability to inspire others, makes him an invaluable asset to any team. In short, Baris not only provides technical expertise but also elevates teams and projects through his leadership and dedication to progress.

"Usman Shahid, Salesforce Developer Teamlead at Enpal B.V."

Jill Anne Peterson Photo

Baris is one of the most competent Salesforce professionals with whom I've had the pleasure to work. For more than a year, Baris and I have been working closely to build effective, scalable Salesforce solutions which ultimately enable our users to deliver results. Because Baris possesses the perfect blend of Salesforce administrator, developer and architectural skills, he is someone I always turn to for general technical advice, prompt troubleshooting and exceptional technical solution design. When implementing solutions, Baris does not simply meet the business requirements within the current landscape. He goes above and beyond by designing with foresight and consideration for future durability and flexibility.

Aside from his technical excellence, Baris is very adaptable, professional and a great communicator. I can confidently say that those who know Baris trust him when the stakes are high, quality is a must, and the clock is ticking.

"Jill Anne Peterson, Senior Salesforce Product Manager at Enpal B.V."

Arsalan Ali Photo

Baris is very diligent and passionate about his work. He is very responsible and responsive and a great problem solver. What I have always liked is that he comes up with the most optimal solution which does not only solve the immediate problem but is scalable and designed in a futureproof manner, this only comes with a strong ability of analytical thinking and a sound design approach.

"Arsalan Ali, Head of Product Salesforce at Enpal B.V."

Precious Amesinlola Photo

I've worked with Baris for over a year and he has consistently demonstrated a high level of expertise in Salesforce. His ability to understand our requirements and deliver high quality solutions is very remarkable. He approached each project with a level of dedication that is very commendable, consistently going above and beyond to ensure its success. He is also flexible when needed and always willing to work together to craft a solution that is perfect for both teams.

Working with Baris is always a pleasure, his positive attitude and willingness to collaborate makes it very easy to work with him. He is very approachable, easy to communicate with, and always ready to provide support whenever needed. In summary, Baris is an invaluable asset to any team, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a dedicated and skilled professional.

"Precious (Tijesunimi) Amesinlola, Senior Software Engineer at Enpal B.V."

Nidhi Kulkarni Photo

I have had the pleasure of working with Bariskan for nearly two years, and it's been an incredible journey witnessing his dedication and expertise firsthand, especially in the realm of Salesforce. His deep understanding of Salesforce applications and his ability to apply this knowledge to solve complex problems have been invaluable to our team. Bariskan isn't just a technical expert; he's a team leader who is always ready to lend a hand or share his insights to help others excel. His contributions have not only driven our projects to success but also enhanced our team achieve goals faster, It has always been fun working with him. Anyone would be fortunate to have Bariskan as a colleague, as he truly elevates those around him

"Nidhi Kulkarni, Data Engineer at Enpal B.V."

Bariskan stands out as an exceptional Salesforce Team Lead, consistently delivering outstanding results. His exceptional engineering and development skills have not only driven our projects forward but decisively shaped our Salesforce product strategy, propelling us to new heights of efficiency and innovation. What truly sets Bariskan apart is his solution-oriented and constructive mindset; he doesn't just identify problems, he finds a way to make things happen. His clear communication ensures that everyone on the team is on the same page, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish and projects succeed. Working with Bariskan has been a privilege, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any role where excellence is not just desired, but expected.

"Verena G., Principal COO Office at Enpal B.V."

Jonathan Zitzke Photo

Having had the pleasure to work alongside Bariskan, I can confidently affirm that his dedication and expertise are remarkable. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering top-quality work are evident in every step of the project he undertakes. The project we were working on together was very complex and Bariskan navigated us safely to the desired technical solution. I can highly recommend working with him!

"Jonathan Zitzke, Senior Legal Counsel at Trade Republic"

Deniz Sezgin Photo

Working with Bariskan has been a game-changer for our Salesforce projects. Their unmatched speed coupled with a dedication to excellence consistently delivers top-tier implementations. What truly sets Bariskan apart is their profound understanding of our Salesforce instance, navigating it with finesse and efficiency. He consistently goes above and beyond, surpassing expectations and ensuring every detail is meticulously addressed. If you're seeking a Salesforce professional who combines rapidity, expertise, and a commitment to exceeding standards, Bariskan is the clear choice.

"Deniz Sezgin, Platform Monetization Executive at Trendyol"

Arda Hasipek Photo

Bariskan exhibits exceptional process in Salesforce solutions, able to craft fast and tailored responses to complex issues. He has clear and constructive skills that simplifies the complex challenges. He never hesitates to exceed the project's bounds, and offering comprehensive insights. Beyond simply advising, he ensures efficient and high-quality execution. His approach is a blend of knowledge, insight, and action, leaving us a more capable entity post-engagement.

"Arda Hasipek, Partner Business Development Executive at Trendyol"