mentee program

why mentee program?

I don't believe in generic recorded technical course because real-life scenarios and complex real-world problems can't be taught through an online course. I want my impact to be specific for individual, such as, helping them to find a job, rather than teaching them what is already available on the internet.

what is it?

I recruit a mentee for 2 months and help them to get a Salesforce job.

which services are provided?
  • Technical one-on-one courses.
  • Cultural and technical interview preparation.
  • Resume review.
  • The mentee needs to be unemployed. A proof of unemployment should be present.
  • 2-3 hours of one-on-one commitment is needed weekly.
  • Outside of one-on-one, the mentee needs to put effort on their side and show case their effort during one-on-one meetings.
  • The mentee needs to be actively looking for jobs during mentorship.
  • If the mentee finds a job within two months, 5-20% of their yearly compensation is appreciated. (Optional)
  • The name of the mentee and the percentage that they give will be published on the Wall of Mentees page.
how to apply?

Following details need to be sent to

  • Resume.
  • LinkedIn profile link.
  • Proof of unemployment.